VIRJO INTERNATIONAL Company is engaged in Exporting, Supplying & Marketing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates and Pharmaceutical Excipients through a well-established distribution network
We are one of India’s leading export house engaged in Marketing value added services and are capable of providing a wide range of products, from basic Pharmaceutical Raw Material, from process development to full scale production.
In addition, we are an Outsourcing company and cater to the needs of Domestic and Global companies related to Pharma Prodcucts.
The essence of our business is commitment to customer service by meeting and/or exceeding our client’s expectations of cost, quality, and efficient service. We are confident that our competitive edge will provide the foundation required for our customers to be successful in their own market areas.
Put Virjo International to work at becoming your new alternative as the source for quality products. We are positive that you will enjoy the difference.

Product Quality


Time Management




Working Ability




We have a team of highly qualified and specialized people, who are committed to deliver best products at competitive prices. Our team comprises of marketing professionals, warehousing experts, distribution analysts, quality supervisors and other allied workforce. Our team is dedicated and performance oriented and they are committed to devise and create markets for our wide range of products. Our supply managers also know the expected lead time for supplying of products to the desired destination.

Our emphasis on quality, timely delivery of products and services has assisted us in winning over a wide client base. We have created a strong hold over the local markets and are now heading towards acquiring a wide portion of the overseas markets as well. We also maintain our inventory above the requisite level which ensures our valuable customers timely delivery of their products.

  • 1. Superior quality raw materials
  • 2. Highly qualified procurement specialists
  • 3. Healthy working atmosphere
  • 4. Superior service quality
  • 5. Experienced marketing and distribution professionals
  • 6. Premium testing facility
  • 7. Complete customer satisfaction